Larry Hardy - Bio

[larry] Larry Hardy began his career in radio over 50 years ago. He joined the United States Air Force on January 8, 1954. For twenty years he maintained radio and navigational aids equipment in all types of military aircraft including the C-5A Cargo and the B-52 Bomber. Larry served as an In-flight Technician on board the EC-121R reconnaissance aircraft during the Viet Nam conflict. He was awarded the “Air Medal” for meritorious service after flying 21 combat missions over Southeast Asia. Master Sergeant Hardy retired from the USAF in 1974 at age 39.

In October, 1977, while Larry was in his final semester at Northern Essex Community College and a full time employee of the Merrimac Electric Light Department, he was offered the opportunity to interview for a position with the Federal Communications Commission. He accepted the offer, was interviewed, and chosen over all other applicants to fill a position at the FCC Boston Field Office. Larry worked under Vincent Kajunski for fourteen years, conducting thousands of investigations and inspections, covering twenty-two different radio services throughout New England. On August 31, 1991, at age 57, Larry retired from the Federal Communications Commission.

In September 1991, Larry successfully resolved his first interference case as owner and Chief Investigator of Spectrum Investigative Services. Since September 1991, Larry has conducted over one thousand ABIP inspections and has investigated hundreds of interference problems throughout New England.

Larry currently holds the FCC General Class Radiotelephone License with Ship Radar Endorsement and a General Class Amateur License, call letters N1AHM.

Larry has two daughters and seven grandchildren. He and his wife Marcia live in Merrimac Massachusetts.

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