Dennis Loria - Bio

[larry] Dennis Loria, an Electronics Engineer based in Boston, Massachusetts most recently served as the FCC’s District Director of the Boston Field Office. An Electrical Engineering graduate (BSEE) from Villanova University in 1974.

Dennis began his career with the FCC as a staff engineer in Washington, DC as a member of the Special Enforcement Facility (SEF) of the Commission. In 1978, Dennis transferred to the Boston Field Office where he served as a staff engineer empowered to inspect various radio stations and enforce radio regulations.

In March, 2004 Dennis was promoted to District Director of the Commission’s Boston Office, where he served for 12 years before retiring in 2016.

Dennis has more than 40 years’ experience in RF communications fields. Duties included inspection of all classes and types of radio installations employing radio frequency radiation (RF) energy, reducing or eliminating interference, and resolving assignment conflicts between spectrum users. Expertise in locating sources of interference by direction finding (df) techniques, with associated receivers and antennae, affecting safety of life situations such as cable television signal leakage causing interference to aviation interests, as well as interference resolution to other Public Safety entities (Police, Fire, Ambulance services). Recent examples of interference resolution to Wireless Carriers include locating cell phone jammers, Bi-directional Amplifiers (BDA’s), and FM broadcast stations emitting spurious emissions.

Dennis lives in Plymouth County with his wife, Irene and their three daughters. When not working, Dennis enjoys playing basketball, golf, and other recreational activities.

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